Stolen truck involved in wreck

Stolen truck involved in wreck

DUNCAN, Okla._A truck that was reported stolen Monday morning in Stephens County was involved in a hit-and-run that was all caught on surveillance.

The crash happened in a convenience store parking lot. The truck thief slammed into the back of a vendor's truck before taking off. Less than an hour earlier, officials say the thief stole a car in north Duncan, which got a flat tire and was abandoned.

After the first stolen car got a flat tire and was abandoned, the thief stole the pick up out of someone's yard near 42nd Street and Refinery Road just minutes before the parking lot collision. After that, the thief abandoned the wrecked truck in a motel parking lot a few miles away and stole another truck, which was later abandoned at a Duncan church.

Lynda Fleeman, an employee at Ken's Mart, says she was shocked when the truck came barreling through at a high rate of speed down Fuller Road. She says that fortunately, the parking lot was empty for the most part.

At about 6:20 a.m. Monday, a truck that had been reported stolen hit a Ken's Mart vendor's truck and continued driving.

"He spun out in the gravel, hit the back of the truck over by power box and corrected it back, went to take off again and smacked it for a second time," Fleeman explained.

A surveillance camera caught the entire thing. That video is now in the hands of the Stephens County sheriff. However, that is not the only thing that Sheriff Wayne McKinney says they have to use when it comes to finding who is responsible for these auto thefts.

"We were able to recover a large amount of finger prints off of these vehicles and we're hoping that is going to lead us to the people that committed this crime," Sheriff McKinney said.

Sheriff McKinney says three vehicles were reported stolen between 5:30 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. Monday morning. He says investigators are led to believe the same people are responsible for each theft and they will get caught.

Fleeman is grateful that no one was seriously injured.

"Thank God nobody got in his path, you know? If our vendor wasn't there at the back of the truck getting the supplies, he would have been hurt or possibly killed. People just don't think about those things," Fleeman said.

Sheriff McKinney says this is an open investigation. As of right now they do not have any suspects in any of the auto thefts.