OK Sen. James Lankford introduces defund Planned Parenthood bill

OK Sen. James Lankford introduces defund Planned Parenthood bill

WASHINGTON, D.C._Oklahoma Senator James Lankford is introducing a bill to defund Planned Parenthood while they are investigated for possible illegal practices.

This is after the second undercover video was released of a Planned Parenthood director meeting with people posing as potential buyers of fetal tissue.

The bill called Defund Planned Parenthood Act could end federal funding of the organization for one year -- unless it stops performing abortions.

According to Sen. Lankford's website, this would allow for more funding to go toward community health centers to provide health care for women.

Last week, Lankford spoke on the U.S. Senate floor, and questioned whether the nation has become "numb to the issue of abortion."

Senator Lankford says in his announcement that while it is a sensitive and controversial topic that it is common sense that taxpayers should not be forced to assist in the "harvesting of human organs."

The Planned Parenthood receives about $500 million a year from the federal government.

Speaker of the House John Boehner encouraged one house committee to open an investigation of the alleged criminal trafficking of fetal tissue.

The president of Planned Parenthood says the organization follows all laws and ethical guidelines and does not profit from tissue donation.