Cameron students premiere summer documentary

Cameron students premiere summer documentary

LAWTON, Okla._Cameron University students premiered their summer documentary called "Street Art: More Than Graffiti" Thursday night.

The purpose of the documentary was to highlight the difference between street art and graffiti, while also shedding light on the evolution of street art. The student filmmakers traveled as far as Washington State and Arizona to interview refined artists and street artists. Even though it was a long road to get to the premiere, the students are excited about the finished product.

"It feels good to actually be able to show something now. We put in the work and then actually have it happen and come to life. So feels pretty good," Director Adrian Alexander said.

"It makes you feel really good to see that everyone coming out to see what you've been working on for so long," Head Editor Makenzie Burk said.

The documentary was part of an 8-week summer class with students doing it all while professors just supervised.

The students plan on entering the documentary into film festivals.