22 paratroopers set to graduate at Open Hangar Day

22 paratroopers set to graduate at Open Hangar Day

FREDERICK, Okla._Twenty-two paratroopers with the World War II Airborne Demonstration Team in Frederick will soon graduate.

The graduation ceremony takes place Saturday at "Open Hangar Day" at the Frederick Army Airfield. First, each paratrooper must complete five static line jumps from a converted DC-3 airplane named "Boop B Doop."

To become a paratrooper, students are trained in things like hanging suspensions, mock door and parachute packing. According to instructors, the purpose of ADT is to honor and serve our World War II veterans.

"The veterans, they really are the heart of the organization. They are here and this is what's very exciting. The students, on their graduation, get pinned by a World War II veteran," explained demonstration team member Kat Healey.

The public is invited to Open Hangar Day at the Frederick Army Airfield. The event starts at 8:00 a.m. It will include graduation for the new troopers at 1:00 p.m., World War II memorabilia displays and you will also get a chance to see "Boogie Baby."