26 arrested in Stephens County drug sweep

26 arrested in Stephens County drug sweep
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DUNCAN, Okla._Several law enforcement agencies worked to together early Friday morning and hauled off quite a few wanted drug dealers and users.

Following a nine-month investigation, undercover officers with the Stephens County District Attorney's Drug Task Force and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics executed the drug sweep at 5:00 a.m. Friday. They went house-to-house with local law enforcement, and arrested 26 of the 48 people they were looking for.

These criminals know they are wanted, and spend most of their days hiding out or running from the law. So, investigators say the art of surprise, while these guys are still sleeping, works in their favor.

Stephens County District Attorney Jason Hicks says these officers suited up and headed out with one goal in mind.

"We are not going to tolerate this and it has been a very focused and intense investigation. Forty-eight people coming off the streets all at one time for distribution of meth should have an impact on drug trade here in Stephens County," Hicks said.

This drug sweep was one of the county's largest. Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney says this sweep spanned the county. People from rural areas, Marlow, Duncan and Comanche are all now behind bars, a place many of them have been before.

"A lot of these people I've seen before, they've been in and out of our jail on other occasions. So, it is a reoccurring problem," Sheriff McKinney said.

And that's exactly why Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics director Darrell Weaver says it's so important for law enforcement to work together to keep these guys and methamphetamine off the streets.

"Rarely do methamphetamine traffickers and dealers go away on their own, and that's what we have to do. We have to keep up in a unified effort against these folks," Weaver said.

That's why Hicks says one of the things his district is focusing on is putting drug dealers away.

"We are doing what we can to combat this poison, if you will, inside our community and get it off the streets," Hicks said.

"That was the big thing today that we took off a lot of methamphetamine traffickers, dealers, the people that are actually distributing these drugs are our kids and other people in the county," said McKinney.

At last check, the District Attorney's Office says no other arrests have been made since Friday morning's drug sweep. However, authorities are actively searching for the wanted men and women who eluded them.

In all, eight agencies assisted in the drug sweep. Right now, it is unclear just how much meth was seized when officers made their arrests.

The following is a list of people involved in the drug sweep. Out of the 48, 26 were arrested Friday morning.

1. Burk, Dee "Dee" Lawrence:  3 counts of distribution of cds
2. Chavers, Sherry: 3 counts of distribution of cds
3. Cox, Katie: 1 count of distribution of cds
4. Daniels, Jeramie Keith: 2 counts of distribution of cds afcf
5. Dickinson, Mathew Allen: 2 counts of distribution
6. Dill, Marco Keith: trafficking in illegal drugs
7. Edwards, Bryan Gale: trafficking in illegal drugs and distribution of cds
8. Embree, James Ray: distribution within 2000 ft of a park
9. Garcia, Gilbert L.: distribution of cds
10. Gifford, Amber Lynn: conspiracy to distribute
11. Gosnell, Trent James: 2 counts of distribution of cds
12. Guerra-Aguilar, Juan Carlos: distribution of cds
13. Henry, Della Sue: 2 counts of distribution
14. Hutto, Kenny D.: distribution of cds afcf
15. Inman, Cynthia Denise: trafficking in illegal drugs and 2 counts of distribution of cds
16. Jenkins, Milton H.: distribution of cds
17. Jennings, April: distribution of cds
18. Jones, Jr., Jimmy Alan: distribution of cds
19. Jones, Matthew Robert: conspiracy to distribution of cds
20. Langston, Quentin Bernard: 2 counts of distribution of cds
21. Long, Robert Lee: distribution of cds
22. Mansell, Lilly aka Lilly Rosser: endeavoring to dist. Cds w/in 2000 ft of a park
23. Miller, jamie lynn: distribution of cds
24. Mullins, Nicholas Alexander: endeavoring to distribute cds
25. Powell, Jr., Curtis Lee: distribution of cds
26. Pruitt, Brian Keith: distribution of cds
27. Pruitt, Brian Keith: distribution of cds
28. Psaute, Francis Lee: 2 counts of distribution of cds
29. Schornick, Katelyn Joann: dist. W/in 2000 ft of a park 2nd and sub and trafficking 2nd and sub
30. Thomas, Sr., Kevin Leroy: 2 counts of distribution
31. Thomas, Mark Douglas: distribution of cds
32. Twigg, Rebecca Lynn: distribution of cds
33. Wahne, Sr., Michael Anthony: distribution of cds afcf
34. Walton, Branon Lee: distribution of cds afcf
35. Williams, Laycee Michelle: distribution w/in 2000 ft of a park afcf
36. Willoughby, Nathan Rodney: distribution of cds
37. Woolever, William Redford: distribution of cds
38. Sturdevant, Tammy: endeavoring to manufacture a cds
39. Cowan, Sandy: possession of cds
40. Cowan, Sasha Sue: maintaining a dwelling where cds are sold and child neglect
41. Cowan, Vincent Andrew:  2 counts of distribution of cds within 2000 ft of school, maintaining a dwelling where cds are sold and child neglect.
42. Cowan, Vincent Andrew: distribution of cds within 2000 ft of school
43. Alejandro, "Alex" Olivo: distribution of cds
44. Fugett, Jr., Temple Odell: distribution of cds; possession of firearm afcf
45. Fugett, Jr., Temple Odell: possession of cds, afcf
46. Cowan, Sebastian Michael: possession of cds
47. Sweetman, Caitlynn D.: distribution of cds
48. Nunn, Jr., Richard Wayne: 2 counts of distribution of cds