Cache hosts Indian taco fundraiser

Cache hosts Indian taco fundraiser
CACHE, Okla._ The Cache Volunteer Fire Department held an Indian taco fundraiser Saturday, which is its first fundraiser in seven years. It is in support of the department getting a new brush truck after the May floods destroyed one. Since the loss, they have only had one usable brush truck, which puts them at a disadvantage.
An Indian taco consists of fried bread, beans, meat and all of the toppings. Cache Fire Chief Dale Winham said they were the talk of the town.
"We’ve had orders from certain hospitals, and we've been delivering to them already,” Winham said. “We have been up and running, some of the workers have been here since six this morning."
Winham said that if this were to be a success, training would be needed. He asked for help from people who make the popular taco every week.
"We’ve got the experts cooking them and making them perfect,” Winham said. “We've got individuals inside that do this on a weekly basis. The only complaints I’ve gotten so far is that we forgot the lids for the cups, but other than that we're doing great."
They were doing so great that the supply started to become scarce. Enough so that while Winham was delivering tacos, he had to pick up more lettuce and beans, which was something he didn't mind doing.
"That’s good. You don't want to overspend, but yet it's great to be running out because people are showing up,” Winham said. “They are enjoying the food and that's the most important thing."
Winham said people have been coming out all morning, and the servers had to start an hour early. All so the Cache Fire Department can get back to full strength.
"It’s really an honor to have people show up,” Winham said. “We've actually been receiving donations through the mail and hand deliveries. It's just so unbelievable, the support we have for the fire department."
The cost of food was covered by the Masonic Lodge. The department has also received a generous anonymous donation, and they hope to have the new brush truck by the fall.