Community donates new school clothes

Community donates new school clothes

LAWTON, Okla._One local Lawton church took donations Saturday to help start the new school year off right with new clothes.

The House of Bread Ministries Church, in southwest Lawton, collected clothes for kids in kindergarten all the way to high school seniors.

It is something that Ramonda Bruno says the pastor feels called to do. She said it isn't only being done for Lawton, but the surrounding areas and they want everyone starting school feeling special.

"This has been her dream for several years, and we are following suit. It isn't just for Lawton, it's for any community who may need help. If you don't have what the other kids have, then you get made fun of, and we don't want to see any child left behind or get made fun of," Bruno said.

Bruno said nearly 40 people dropped off clothes to donate. A give away will take place August 15 at The House of Bread Ministries Church from noon until 5:00 p.m.