Duncan boy collects cans so dogs can find a loving home

Duncan boy collects cans so dogs can find a loving home

DUNCAN, Okla._A young boy in Duncan is on a mission to make sure dogs in the Stephens County Humane Society find a loving home.

Ean Adams, 7, is raising money by recycling aluminum cans to help cover the adoption costs for the dogs, which runs about $100 per animal. So far, Ean has raised just over $200 and he's still working.

In January, Ean and his family went to the humane society in search of a puppy. Once he saw how many there were, he told his mom he wanted to do something to help. So, when the county-wide garage sale rolled around earlier this month, Ean suggested to his mother that they join in and give that money to the humane society. But he wanted to do more.

Some might say it is a big job for such a little boy, but Ean Adams' reason for doing this is simple.

"So I can save dogs," Ean said.

In just a few weeks, he's already raised enough to cover the adoption of two animals, but he's just getting warmed up. Ean wants to raise enough money to pay for 20 dogs to be adopted.

With that ambitious goal in mind, he and his mom, Amanda Adams, brainstormed ways that he could make money on his own, and they settled on collecting aluminum cans. The fact that he's so eager to help makes her very proud.

"He makes me cry all the time because of it, he just, his heart, it makes me cry every day," Adams said.

Stephens County Humane Society director Nicole Baldwin is left speechless at the heart Ean has for these dogs.

"I don't have words. I am humbled. I am proud of him, his family, I am in complete and total awe that a seven-year-old can grasp the concept and that it has touched his heart to want to fight with us," Baldwin said.

Ean's mother says she hopes when people see what Ean is doing, that they too will get on board.

"I'm thankful he is bringing a good spotlight to Duncan since we have all of the bad news around here. I'm thankful he is showing Duncan is not a bad place," Adams said.

Ean is only asking for people to help by donating one thing.

"By giving me cans," Ean said.

Ean's mom says since school starts in just four weeks, he won't have much time to reach that big goal, but he did want to sponsor at least one more dog. By Monday afternoon, Ean was able to gain that third sponsorship. Adams says people have also started dropping trash bags full of pop cans so Ean can continue to help raise money for the dogs.

The humane society says they will be setting up a bin and call it "Ean's Cans" for people to drop them off.