Oprah's boyfriend Stedman Graham speaks at Fort Sill

Oprah's boyfriend Stedman Graham speaks at Fort Sill

FORT SILL, Okla._Many of us know him as Oprah's boyfriend, but he's also an educator, Army veteran and the CEO of S. Graham and Associates.

Stedman Graham visited Fort Sill Tuesday to speak to service men and women. Graham spoke about the identity of leadership, saying it is about performance, growth and taking charge of yourself.

As an Army veteran, he spoke about how those in the military already have the foundation of what it takes to be a leader. Graham says in today's world, it's vital to be a leader of yourself.

"The 21st century says you have to be a self-effective learner. It says I can't tell you everything to do, 21st century says you have to do things on your own, be productive, you have to find your own way. It's important to be able to find out who you are, have an identity, so you can take those leadership skills and apply them to your passions, strengths and abilities," Graham said.

Graham has stopped by five military posts so far to speak on the identity of leadership. He says he feels it is his mission to help transform followers into leaders and help people create a bigger vision.