Former Marlow police chief back at the helm

Former Marlow police chief back at the helm

MARLOW, Okla._The City of Marlow introduced their new police chief at Tuesday's City Council meeting.

The new police chief is Leroy Walker and he's no stranger to the department, or that position. Walker has been on the force for 37 years and served as Chief of Police from 2004 to 2008. He stepped down in 2008 to return to duty as a regular officer. After former police Chief Jimmy Williams resigned earlier this month, Walker applied for the position again and was selected over six other candidates.

Walker says it was an easy decision. He says he loves nothing more than proudly serving the area he has called home since he was a kid. So, after he mentioned to his wife that he was applying for the position, it was a done deal.

At the age of 21, Leroy Walker first put on a Marlow Police uniform. Since that day, he says he knew he was in the right place.

"I have never thought about leaving, going to any other town other than this one," Walker said.

Chief Walker says Marlow and the people of the city have a way of making everyone feel right at home. The people, he says, are his main focus as the new chief.

"To serve the City of Marlow and provide public safety, that is the number one issue. If we can so that, then we have accomplished something," Walker said.

Chief Walker says his job is made easier with the support of the community, and the people of Marlow say they are excited for the new leadership he has to offer Marlow.

"I think we need somebody like that, that knows the community, because there's a lot of things going on just like everywhere else, and I think he will be very good," said Sandra Rains, a Marlow resident.

"His personality is great for our town, he knows what our town is all about, simply because he has been that long. But he is very well respected and I think the people of Marlow are going to very happy," said Leah Green, a Marlow resident.

New leadership means looking into the future. Chief Walker says he wants the department to work on learning more about the impact of drugs and getting them off the streets. He even wants to add another K-9 officer and body cams for police.

"You've got to keep progressing, you cannot sit back and let the world go by. Technology is out there. There's so much going on that you've got to stay on top of things, got to have your game plan," Walker said.

Chief Walker says he knows that equipment will cost money and he will look into ways to fund it.