Group of volunteers spruce up neighborhood park

Group of volunteers spruce up neighborhood park

LAWTON, Okla._A group of Lawton citizens spent the afternoon revitalizing a local park that was in need of a little TLC after it was targeted by vandals.

Armed with paint brushes and paint, nearly a dozen residents helped cover up the graffiti and offensive language that littered the playground.

"A lot of kids always are up here playing basketball. There's little kids that come swing and they learn from the words on the slide so we just wanted to get rid of everything," said volunteer Tori Brill.

The paint used was donated by the City of Lawton, after they were approached by   volunteers who were happy to provide the labor, in hopes of creating a more family-friendly environment for the neighborhood children.

"A lot of us got a lot of history in here, and a lot of us got a lot of love. So our love is what we use to spread out to the world, that we love everybody. I don't care what state or town you're from you're welcome to come to our park, but please don't bring no violence and keep the drugs out," said volunteer Dennis Binder.

Volunteers say the Country Club Heights' neighborhood is more often recognized for its gang activity and crime, and hope their work today proves some people there still care, and are working to turn things around.