OBN donates truck to Marlow Police Department

OBN donates truck to Marlow Police Department

MARLOW, Okla._The Marlow Police Department is the latest recipient of a new pickup, well, new for the department.

The Ford Ranger is one of dozens of vehicles donated by the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics. Darrell Weaver, OBN director, handed over the keys to Marlow's recently named Police Chief Leroy Walker.

The truck is one of OBN's surplus vehicles, which are usually cars or trucks with higher miles or forfeiture vehicles OBN does not use anymore. But weaver says smaller, rural departments, like the one in Marlow, often have limited budgets and less resources, making a truck like this appreciated.

"We've had times when a department wrecked their only vehicle or they're having engine problems, so we try to, in a strategic way, get them into the hands of the people that need them," Weaver said.

Weaver says the success of law enforcement is based on strong partnerships, and by providing these vehicles to smaller departments he feels it helps strengthen the relationship OBN has with them.