Bake sale helps Lawton youth

Bake sale helps Lawton youth

LAWTON, Okla._One Lawton organization is doing everything it can to give back to the youth in the community. It's called Unity Lawton and Saturday they held one of their semi-annual fundraisers.

Angela Stone is the executive director for the Unity Lawton organization. She said the purpose of the group is to give all youth in Lawton the same chance.

"They may not have that equal opportunity," Stone said. "So by keeping the kids involved, it puts them on the same playing field as a child that has both parents at home and who are active in the community."

This is the third fundraiser that Unity Lawton has held since its inception last year.

"The first two were very successful," Stone said. "The people here in Lawton have been very supportive. We are very blessed to have other organizations and churches back us up."

Most of these desserts were donated by those already connected with the group. The proceeds go directly toward events and activities that promote entrepreneurship and giving back to the community. It also gives some of the kids a reason to smile.

"They walk a little taller, they feel a little prouder and there is an established self-worth there now that wasn't there before," Stone said. "I can only attribute that to spending time with them."

Rice Krispies, cookies and even cupcakes were available at the bake sale. Rib Crib is also giving the group 10 percent of its earnings when a flyer is presented. That isn't the only reason stone wanted the bake sale to be in front of the barbeque joint. There is a bigger reason that the kids will meet down the road.

"Some of our kids will be out here in front of the bake sale today and they'll get to meet the manager," Stone said. "It puts these children in direct contact with the people who could give them jobs in the future."

The fundraiser lasts until 10:00 p.m. Saturday at the Rib Crib near Northwest Cache Road and Sheridan Road.

They are also looking for volunteers. More information can be found on the Unity Lawton Facebook page, or by calling 580-284-9587.