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Teaching Discipline in Football

Many young boys dream of playing college football one day. Maybe even go to the NFL. For the children of the Boys and Girls Club in Lawton, those dreams are as prominent as ever with the recent success of Lawton area high schools. Today those kids got their chance to find out how much work and dedication goes into becoming a football star.

The Boys and Girls Club in Lawton finished their final day of a football camp. Former MacArthur standout and University of Oklahoma defensive back Javon Harris coached the kids on the final day alongside former Eisenhower and Southeastern Oklahoma State safety Jacobi Crowley. They ran them through some of the most well-known drills in the game, including smaller versions of combine drills. Harris and Crowley want to make sure the young athletes learn discipline, but also know the game can be fun at the same time.

"The one thing is discipline, you know. All the way through third and college and the NFL, for me it was all about discipline and knowing where to be at and knowing what to do and how to do it. So, as long as they can get out here and learn that discipline is the number one thing in the game, that would be good for me." – Javon Harris

"One thing that I was surprised about is how young and athletic they are at this age and how advanced they are at this age. We're trying to show some type of enthusiasm towards them. Let them know regardless of if they were doing the wrong drill at all, we still show that it can still be fun within the game. So that's all we really been trying to do is enthusiasm. Some type of enthusiasm and just support for them all together." – Jacobi Crowley
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