Towel dried cars help woman fight cancer

Towel dried cars help woman fight cancer

LAWTON, Okla._Friends of an Alabama woman suffering from Hodgkin's Lymphoma raised money by towel drying cars for tips in Lawton.

It happened near Northwest Sheridan and Bell at the Aqua Express Car Wash. The business agreed to let one of their employees host the fundraiser. According to volunteers Kim Holmes Miller has been fighting cancer for the last five years. They say the money will go to pay her medical bills and travel expenses.

She is a Godmother to two of the volunteers and for another she is a family friend. They say she is the type of woman who would give the shirt of her back to someone in need. They say that made them more than willing to put in a little hard work.
The "Purple Warriors" as they call themselves have their technique down drying cars off and sending them on their way, in just a couple of minutes.
Nickolas Hellmers says towel drying cars for the last two days has been a lot of hard work.

"We got lucky with the weather today. It was pretty hot and humid. I mean it wears on you after a while, but between myself and all three sisters helping. We have been able to get a good rotation of people so no one gets too over worked," said Hellmers.

Hellmers says it is more than just drying off cars to him and many of the people in the more than 200 vehicles he's dried off.

"Cancer affects everyone now. Everyone knows someone who has had cancer whether it's a family member or friend so everyone can kind of understand the struggle that comes with trying to pay for a treatment like that," he said.

The warriors plan to keep raising money through other charity events so that they can help Kim Holmes Miller pay for her continuing chemo therapy.
Unfortunately, they did not reach their goal of $4,000 but they ended up raising more than $1,000.