Wichita Falls gears up for 34th annual Hotter'N Hell Hundred

Wichita Falls gears up for 34th annual Hotter'N Hell Hundred

WICHITA FALLS, Texas_The Hotter'N Hell Hundred is an annual endurance bike ride to celebrate Wichita Falls and honor the spirit of Texoma and the people who settled the area.

The idea for Hotter'N Hell Hundred started in 1982 and has been growing ever since. In 2013, the 32nd annual Hotter'N Hell hosted its 300,000th rider.

The 100-mile long race does more than prove the rider's endurance, it also benefits multiple local organizations, including the River Bend Nature Center, American Red Cross and the MSU bicycle racing team, Team Arrow.

Festivities kick off at 3:00 p.m. Thursday, August 27, with a consumer show at the MPEC. Registration for the 100-mile endurance ride closes at 7:00 a.m. Saturday, August 29, and the race starts at 7:05 a.m. The entry fee to join is $35 and will increase to $45 after August 23. A 10K, 25-mile, 50-mile and 100K ride is also available.

Registration can be done here.


The Hotter'N Hell Hundred grew out of efforts to find a way for the city of Wichita Falls to call attention to the celebration of its centennial in 1982. Roby Christie of the Wichita Falls Bicycle Club proposed a bicycle ride – 100 miles in hundred-degree heat to celebrate 100 years. The original HHH committee promoted the idea as a unique and fitting event to honor the spirit of Texoma and the people who first settled the area. A consulting company from New York City had proposed a rocking chair marathon.

After lengthy discussion, the Centennial Committee agreed with the WFBC committee that early settlers were not rocking chair people. Gritty people capable of riding 100 miles in Texoma heat were a more fitting symbol of the tenacity of our early settlers. Mark and Jo Alice Davis, now of Weatherford, Texas, coined the name, Hotter'N Hell Hundred. The rest is HHH history. Some of the original committee members may have moved on, but Roby and numerous others remain involved in planning and implementing the event. The committee started with 7 and is now well in excess of 100.

During the first year of HHH, there were 1,203 riders. Endurance cycling was relatively new to Texas, but the hearty riders celebrated the first HHH as the largest single day 100 mile ride in the country. The HHH committee has been a constant pupil in the school of hard knocks. Members of the Good Sam's RV Club operated Rest Stops during the first year. On-board water, toilets and built-in shade made these RV land yachts appear to be the perfect rest stop-mobile. The event emptied the water tanks, filled the toilet tanks, and wore the small crew of volunteers out. Exhausted or not, the Good Sam's people remained an important part of road support for years.

The early years of medical support would likely be a nightmare for today's medical volunteers. There was one medical unit at the finish line and individual nurses on the course. Nowadays, there are full medical units at each rest stop as well as at the finish. Medical volunteers treat everything from bees embedded in rider's ears, to emu bites, road rash, under hydration, over hydration and hard landings.

The Hotter'N Hell grew logarithmically for its first several years. And, the HHH is still (or sometimes very close to) the largest sanctioned century bicycle ride in the country - and possibly the world. In 2010, a record 14,445 people from across the nation and around the world to participate in Hotter'N Hell Hundred events. In 2013, the 32nd Hotter'N Hell celebrated another important landmark hosting its 300,000th rider.

Hotter'N Hell Hundred Map
Hotter'N Hell Hundred Map

Schedule of Events - Hotter'N Hell Hundred 2015

Thursday, August 27, 2015: The First Day of HHH Festivities!
3:00 PM: The Consumer Show opens in the Exhibit Hall of the Multi-Purpose Events Center.
3:00 PM: Sports Massage at MPEC
4:00 PM: Packet Pickup and late registration open at the Exhibit Hall.
4:00 PM: USA Cycling race registration begins in the Exhibit Hall.
4:00 PM: Wee-Chi-Tah Off-Road events registration begins at the Exhibit Hall.
8:00 PM: All Activities close.

Friday, August 28, 2015: The Celebration Begins!
9:00 AM: Wee-Chi-Tah Off-Road events registration begins - Bridwell Ag Center.
10:00 AM > 3:00PM: HHH Science of Cycling Seminar Presentations - MPEC Seminar Room
10:00 AM:Wee-Chi-Tah Off-Road Mountain Bike Trail Races begin – Bridwell Ag Center
1:00 PM: Consumer Show begins.
1:00 PM: Sports Massage at MPEC. Loosen up for the day ahead.
2:00 PM: Packet Pickup and late registration open in the Exhibit Hall for Ride and Race participants.
3:00 PM: Finish Line Village Opens
5:00 PM: Ultra Criterium for USA Cycling racers begins at the Michelob Ultra Finish Line Village. Great races to watch from MPEC parking & East steps of the Coliseum - 5 PM to 7:30 PM
5:30 PM: Spaghetti Dinner Begins in the lower level of the Coliseum.
7:00 PM: Start Smart/Ride Smart "How to have a successful ride at the HHH" Presented by Bikin' Mike Keel – Author of "Train Smart" - MPEC Seminar Room;
8:00 PM: HHH Pace Group Meeting - MPEC Seminar Room
8:45 PM: Race Official's Meeting – HHH Bldg – 104 Scott St. (USA Cycling Officials and invited guests only).
9:00 PM: Spaghetti Dinner closes
10:00 PM: Consumer Show, Finish Line Village, Registrations, and Packet Pickup Close

Saturday, August 29, 2015: The Heat is On! The Ride and Road Races Begin!
5:00 AM: Breakfast offered by Monarch Catering - lower level of the Coliseum.
5:00 AM: Packet Pickup and Late Registration in the Exhibit Hall. (USA Cycling racers - no registration)
5:30 AM: Morning Praise and Worship (3rd and Lamar)
6:45 AM: Michelob Ultra USA Cycling Road Races begin at Lincoln St and Burkburnett Rd.
7:00 AM: Registration for the Ride closes
7:05 AM: Flyover (Under Review)
7:05 AM: Canon Blast and the official start of the Endurance ride for 100 miler riders, 100k, 50mile, 25mile and 10k routes (Tandems & Recumbents start at 2nd Street)
8:00 AM: Michelob Finish Line Village & Food Court opens at 2nd and Lamar
9:00 AM: The Consumer Show Opens
9:00 AM: Sports Massage at the Consumer Show opens
10:30AM > 4:00 PM: Outdoor Concert at 2nd and Lamar. Bands: Hellenbach, Von Stomper & Roxy Roca
11:00 AM: Michelob Ultra Road Races finish. Awards will be presented around 12 Noon (based on category completion time) on the Finish Line Village Concert Stage.
4:00 PM: Consumer Show Closes
5:00 PM: Finish Line Village & Outdoor Concert closes (7:00 PM: All activities close)

Sunday, August 30, 2015: Wrap up The Triple Threat!
7:00AM: Wee-Chi-Tah Off-Road Trail Run, 10k, and Half Marathon Distances.
7:00AM: Michelob Ultra Criterium for USA Cycling racers begins in the front of the Multi-Purpose Events Center.
Great races to watch - MPEC parking & West steps of the Coliseum - 7:00AM to 4:00PM.

Contact Information:
Host Homes – Marie Libby (940) 723-2741 or www.hh100.org/lodging/hosthomes
Volunteer Opportunities – Red Cross (940) 322-8686
Twitter: @HotternHell100 with the official hashtag #HH100
Facebook: facebook.com/HotternHell100
Instagram: TheHH100 also uses the official hashtag #HH100