A Child Who Hopes: Lakota

A Child Who Hopes: Lakota

LAWTON, Okla._We hope you will fall in love with this extraordinary little boy and invite him to be part of your family.

The six-year-old is non-verbal, but he has a passion for all things prehistoric. Like many boys his age, Lakota loves to explore. So, what better place to visit than the Sam Noble Museum in Norman, where history comes to life.

"Look at how big it is! It's so big! Look at that," Jennifer Tregarthen, director of marketing and PR at the Sam Noble Museum, said as she interacted with Lakota.

Make no bones about it, this pint-sized paleontologist really digs dinosaurs.

"Isn't that neat? Look at his tail. You can see his feet curving," Tregarthen pointed out the details to Lakota as they toured the museum.

And he's pretty good at making his own discoveries, too.

"Ooop, that's right! You found a little hole right there because bones are hollow aren't they," Tregarthen explained to Lakota.

Lakota has a condition that affects his brain and several unspecified developmental delays, but child welfare specialist Delaina Bates says he is making strides every day.

"He is in a wheelchair, but he doesn't have to be. He rolls around and crawls backwards and scoots and really likes to be on the move," Bates explained.

He also likes hugs, story time and playing with other children.

"He's an energetic little boy with just a really strong spirit that you can feel when you're around him, because he really does interact with people in a way that you would not imagine with a child that does not have the words like other children do," Bates said.

Bates says Lakota would do well in a family that appreciates what he has to offer and understands the art of communicating without words.

Lakota is eligible for adoption right now. The lucky family will be trained to deal his disabilities. If you give this sweet little boy a home, I guarantee he will give you his heart.

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