Technology students learn programming with Arduino boards

Technology students learn programming with Arduino boards

LAWTON, Okla._The Lawton Academy of Arts and Sciences held a pop up workshop to encourage academic creativity in technology students.

The workshop gave students from grades 6-12 the chance to learn about and experiment with Arduino boards, which are small circuit boards used in DIY projects.

In addition to providing the tech students with a hands-on experience with the basics of coding, the workshop gave students a key skill that teachers say they can carry with them into college and beyond.

"I think that there's something that really connects the concepts with the programming with seeing something physical happen with it. And the sooner they get exposed to these concepts of programming, the easier it's going be for them down the road if they decide to go into this as their career," Justin Smith, teacher, said.

Though the workshop was just for one day, the academy will hold onto the Arduinos and students will be able to continue working with them every Friday. Now that they have a familiarity with the basics, teachers hope the students will experiment and come up with new and creative uses with the circuit boards.