Lawton CIP, Elgin PSO agreement on Tuesday ballot

Lawton CIP, Elgin PSO agreement on Tuesday ballot

COMANCHE COUNTY, Okla._Voters in Lawton and Elgin each have one item to vote for on Tuesday, August 11.

Lawton voters have to option to extend a 1.25 sales tax to fund the 2016 CIP, which will fund new and alternate water resources, sewer rehabilitation, landfill cells and the Southeast 45th Street widening project.

Lawton voters should also be aware of two polling location changes. Precinct #15, previously located at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, will now be at Learning Tree Academy, 1908 NW 38th St. Precinct #34, previously located Park Lane Elementary, will now be at Church of Christ at Park Lane, located at 4906 SE Avalon.

Elgin voters will get to decide on a 25-year non-exclusive franchise agreement to allow Public Service Company of Oklahoma to use streets, alleys, avenues, ways and other public places and grounds in the City of Elgin.

The full text of both ballot proposals can be found below. The State Election Board also has a tool to locate your polling location.

Lawton proposal

Shall City of Lawton Ordinance No. 15-11 be approved, which does not increase Lawton sales taxes, but authorizes a continuation and replacement of the existing one and one-quarter percent (1.25%) capital improvement tax in addition to other excise or sales taxes levied by the City or any other taxing authority, upon gross proceeds or gross receipts derived from all sales to any person taxable under the existing tax will terminate 3 years early on December 31, 2015 and the replacement tax will commence January 1, 2016 and end December 31, 2025, with all revenues from the tax to be deposited to a special fund to be used for the purpose of (1) new and alternate water resources and/or improvements to existing water resources including water wells, treatment and distribution of groundwater, and to recycle reuse water; (2) specific capital improvement projects as specified in the Ordinance including sewer rehabilitation, landfill cells, reconstruction of SE 45th Street, overlay and reconstruction of residential streets, and the Nine Mile Creek Sewer Line; and (3) improvements to the Lawton Area Transit System, including buses?

Elgin proposal

An ordinance granting to Public Service Company of Oklahoma, an Oklahoma corporation, its successors and assigns, a non-exclusive franchise for twenty-five (25) years to use the streets, alleys, avenues, ways, and other public spaces and grounds in the City of Elgin, Comanche County, Oklahoma, for building, equipping, maintaining, extending, owning, and operating a system, for the manufacture, transmission, distribution, sale, and control of electricity and communication circuits for itself and others in and to the City and the public generally; providing for assignment; granting right to operate business with reasonable rules; whereby Public Service Company of Oklahoma agrees to maintain electric service pursuant to Oklahoma Corporation Commission regulation and agrees to indemnify the City in certain situations; whereby Public Service Company of Oklahoma is given a continuing right to operate within the City's limits and is authorized to allow those properly permitted to attach facilities to its poles; whereby Public Service Company of Oklahoma agrees to charge legal rates for such service; if possible to sell and deliver to the City all electricity and services requested by it; providing for payment to the City by Public Service Company of Oklahoma of a monthly fee on gross receipts from delivery and, if applicable, the sale of electricity; calling for an election and providing for acceptance; providing for an election and providing for acceptance; providing for repeal of conflicting ordinances; providing for severability; and declaring an emergency.