Detective gives fresh look at 11-year-old cold case

Detective gives fresh look at 11-year-old cold case

DUNCAN, Okla._Duncan police are hoping a new set of eyes going over a cold case involving a woman who vanished 11 years ago will help close it once and for all.

Gail Anderson disappeared in October 2004. On the day she went missing, she borrowed a car from a friend so she could visit her mother in Geronimo for the weekend.  She then stopped by the home she shared with her boyfriend to pack for the trip. He said he took a shower and when he got out, she was gone. However, the borrowed car was still in the driveway. Anderson hasn't been heard from since.

There have not been any new leads in the past 11 years, however, Detective Dustin Smith says he is hopeful someone will come forward with new information that will help lead them into solving this cold case.

"All roads lead to the same place, they just lead to nowhere. I mean, no matter how many times you read the same case files and look at the same evidence, it still leads you to nowhere," Detective Smith explained.

Several piles of paperwork now lie on Detective Smith's desk, the results of years of work by other investigators who've been trying figure out what happened to Gail Anderson.

"The sheer volume of the amount of work they had done prior to what I got and the fact that they did that much work and nothing has turned up, it was kind of concerning, a daunting task initially," Detective Smith said.

It's a case that Detective Smith says captured his attention when he started at the Duncan Police Department.

"It's frustrating on our end, from a law enforcement standpoint, we have what very well may be a murderer out there that we don't even know who it may be, let alone we can't stop him," Detective Smith said.

Detective Smith says they do believe Gail Anderson is a victim of foul play, and that there are people out there who know exactly what happened to her, and who's responsible. He's hopeful their sense of guilt will push them to do the right thing.

"Conscience has a way of eating on people, and I think 11 years down the road, someone is really thinking about this. I hope maybe this time has given them the opportunity to open up and talk to us about it," Detective Smith said.

He says Anderson's relatives have moved away from the Duncan area. He says even though they realize the case may never get solved, they are still hoping for the best.

"They are very hopeful that one day they will know what actually happened and potentially whoever did this may actually answer for that crime," Detective Smith said.

Detective Smith encourages anyone with information to give him a call directly at 580-251-7612. He says if someone with information wishes to remain anonymous, they can do so. You can also get in touch with them by calling the Duncan Police Department, their Crime Stoppers tip line or by visiting their Facebook page.