Turning life's lemons into lemonade, Duncan kids learn business

Turning life's lemons into lemonade, Duncan kids learn business

DUNCAN, Okla._Duncan's youngest entrepreneurs are turning lemons into lemonade as part of a weeklong workshop to learn how to run a business.

The children, in third- through fifth-grade, spent the week learning from business owners in Aspire Higher's kidpreneurs workshop. Friday, they put that information to work by setting up five lemonade stands on Main Street in Duncan.

Lemonade Day is all about showing kids that not everything is sunshine and lemons, even the world's most successful people had to start somewhere.

Nine-year-old Caleb Stuckert says starting your own business isn't easy unless you have a good plan.

"Just the little amount of what you have, you get all your stuff and sell your lemonade," Stuckert said.

Doctor Jo Ann Pierce, a consultant at Aspire Higher, says the kids were given valuable information from business owners in town.

"They know firsthand what it is like to start with nothing, and go all the way to the top," Pierce said.

Pierce says letting the kids get out and do the work themselves is what makes this such a valuable lesson.

"Children learn best through hands-on learning in the real world with real people who can show them the ropes," Pierce said.

She says in learning to run their own businesses, the children had to exercise critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. She says it is always enjoyable teaching them lessons that will last a lifetime.

"Children are so much fun, and being a teacher, educator or principal, whatever you can do to help our children get better so they can be successful, it is always well worth it," Pierce said.

Stuckert says though he learned starting up a business was not an easy task, the hard work still paid off.

"It all worked out just fine," Stuckert said.

The children decided to donate the money from the lemonade sales to local charities in Duncan, including Food for Children, United Way and Beautiful Day.