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Wrapping Up Day 2 at the Rodeo

On night one of the Rodeo. The bull riding event saw none of the nine cowboys complete a qualified ride. This gave the day two line-up something to shoot for. The riders entered that arena knowing if they can just complete the 8 seconds, they had a shot. But the bulls still tried to make other arrangements.
But before the fury there is always fun in the calf scramble, but those really are just child's play.

1.) First up in bull riding is a rider simply known as “The Snake” Gowdy out of Bristow, Oklahoma. Right out of the gate Gowdy has control. Despite the bull's effort's, Gowdy goes the full eight, making him the first name on the leaderboard with a 73.
2.) But his reign wouldn't last. Number ten bull rider in the world, Caleb Sanderson, drew the bull Catching Hell, but hell hath no fury like a cowboy wanting some cash. Sanderson goes the distance as well posting a 75 putting him in first.
3.) Here's where it gets scary. Jeff askey on the bull Devil's Playground. A fitting name as the one horned bull bucks Askey off and pins him to the ground. Askey somehow gets out of it unharmed and walking comfortably under his own power.
4.) Let's move to team roping. Hunter Munsell and Sawyer Barham get down to business right out of the gates, and this one is done. 4.7 seconds puts them in a three-way-tie for first in the event. If you can believe that.
5.) Barrel racing now. Michelle Lummus out of Hiram, Georgia, needs to beat 17 seconds flat to take the lead. Handling herself well through two, it looked like she had a chance, but finishes in 17.31 seconds putting her in fourth.
6.) Next up, Janet Staton shoots out of the gates. Her and her horse showcasing they've got what it takes for first. She makes an excellent run, 17.29 seconds, placing her third in barrel racing thus far.

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