Rush Springs Watermelon Festival

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival

RUSH SPRINGS, Okla._Whatever type of watermelon you like, Rush Springs had a wide variety for the picking Saturday.

More than 20,000 visitors gathered for the annual Watermelon Festival. They gave out through more than 50,000 pounds of watermelon. Watermelon connoisseurs young and old came from all over. Each with their own way to eat a watermelon.

"Salt brings the flavor out to me. I've eaten salt on it ever since I was a little youngster growing up," said Ronald Poolaw.

After much debate, we decided to go to this year's Watermelon Queen 16-year-old Sydney Long for the final answer.

"Well I like royal sweets. I mean cause they are just sweet. I mean they are not very good unless they are really really sweet and I always eat salt on them, always," said Long.

By popular vote Long gained the title in May, after giving a speech about why she wanted to be queen. Long says two of her family members have also been Watermelon Queens.

"They told me I have done a great job so I want to believe them and just walking around the festival today is really cool taking pictures with people it's just really fun. I am glad I did it," said Long.

Another tradition, in the watermelon capital of the world is the prize melon exhibit. This year's winner grown by the Miller family weighed in at a whopping 130-pounds.

The Rush Springs Watermelon Festival started in 1940 and has been held continuously since 1948.