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Will Shields' Induction Ceremony Pt. 2

The festivities at the Pro Football Hall of Fame have come to an end. And if the past few days in canton have taught us anything, it's that Will Shields has a special connection to the city of Lawton, and especially Lawton High School. LHS was brought up frequently during his enshrinement ceremony on Saturday night.

Adrian Lunsford, Shields' childhood friend, says, "The motto that I would like to say to Willie, is 'Hanta Yo', which means clear the way. And so Canton get ready. Hanta Yo, clear the way for Will Shields as comes in."

"To my Lawton High State Championship team, I thank every moment, and there's not a moment that passes that Hanta Yo isn't present in my life. I know my wife is tired of hearing about the videos and all the films and things of that nature," says Shields.

Among those who made such an impact on Shields at Lawton High, his former offensive line coach Clarence Madden.

"To Coach Madden, for teaching me how to study the game, and being a longtime friend. And his wonderful wife Linda, for knowing when the lineman always needs a little comfort food. Chocolate chips cookies baby. Always was," says Shields.

After thanking many more of his former coaches and teammates, Shields moved on to his family, including his father who was one of several that made the trip to see will inducted.

"To my father, Will Shields the second. Military man, appreciate that. Love you guys. My dad actually gave up some time. He went and did a couple of tours overseas and basically left us there to graduate so that we could grow up and try to  get our aspirations in school. I really appreciate your sacrifices. You are definitely my mentor and the person I try to emulate in a lot of different things. I appreciate it and I love you. Mom, I know you are with us in spirit. I miss you and I know you are looking down on us and I love you," says Shields.

Four years at Lawton High. Four at Nebraska, and 14 more with the Chiefs. Shields journey to football immortality was a long one, but one that ended in the sweetest way possible, with his inclusion in the most exclusive fraternity in the sport. There are only 295 hall of famers. Will Shields is officially one of them.

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