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Wrapping up the Rodeo

At the end of some western movies, you see the hero get on his horse and ride into the sunset. For the contestants at the Lawton Rangers Rodeo, they hoped to do the same following the final night. Only they would be leaving with a bunch of money in their pockets.

So let's wrap up the final night at the rodeo.
1.) Tie down roping. Hunter Herrin had money on his mind. Here he springs to that steer and gets it down. Despite bobbling the rope he finishes in 8.4 seconds putting him in sole possession of second.
2.) Team roping saw nobody move into the money on the night, so we move to barrel racing. Kylie Ward starts out well but hits that barrel. She finishes at 17.5 seconds, but it becomes 22.5 with the penalty.
3.) Let's move to the final installment of bull riding. Tanner Bothwell, on a bull known as The General, takes care of business for seven seconds, but to qualify you need to stay on eight, and he knows he was so close.
4.) Now to the run of the week, Sage Kimzey on Rum Shaker. He goes the distance beautifully as only the third rider to make a qualified ride and what a ride it was. 87 points putting him in first for the event and wrapping up another year of the Lawton Rangers Rodeo.

So let's see how the final standings look. In bareback riding, Will Lowe out of Canyon, Texas finished first with a score of 86 on the horse Wild Desire. In steer wrestling we have a tie. Sean Mulligan and Clayton Haas finish first with times of 3.1 seconds, a new L.O. Ranch Arena record.
To saddle bronc. Wade Sundell’s run on Killer Bee Saturday racked up a score of 90 with the judges placing him first and setting another arena record. Women's barrel racing, Carley Richardson out of Pampa, Texas made a run of 17 seconds flat finishing first in the event.
Team roping saw a three way tie for first place. Justin Davis and Trey Johnson, JoJo Lemond and Dakota Kirchenschlagher, and Hunter Munsell and Sawyer Barham all finished in 4.7 seconds.
And the big guns in bull riding. Only three names qualified, but one came out on top as you saw earlier. Sage Kimzey on Rum Shaker with the 87 placing first. Caleb Sanderson places second with a 75. “The Snake” Gowdy third with a 74.

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