Foul play suspected in Medicine Park sewage leak

Foul play suspected in Medicine Park sewage leak

MEDICINE PARK, Okla._Medicine Park officials say foul play was behind a raw sewage leak that spilled into Medicine Creek over the weekend.

Crews have been cleaning up the mess since it was found Saturday afternoon near Rex Leath Road on the eastern side of the creek walk. Fortunately, crews say the spill was contained to a small area after they were able to quickly repair a pump that had stopped working.

Public Works manager Ray Reynolds says this was no accident. He believes someone intentionally went into the pump house and forced everything to shut down and overheat in an attempt to make the current city's government look bad. He says he has filed a police report after someone broke the lock to the pump shed on multiple occasions, before going in and tampering with the equipment.

A viewer shared a video as the sewage was leaking. He notes that toilet paper can be seen amongst the rest of the sewage runoff going right into Medicine Creek. It's a problem Reynolds says was intentionally caused.

"We've been having this little problem since we took over. I've been on board for about a month and I've seen a lot of problems to not discredit the new government, but make the old government look good," Reynolds said.

Reynolds says someone has been tampering with the wires in this shed, forcing officials to go in and rework them to get the flow back.

"We tightened them up, seeing as they are not even tight. Someone deliberately loosened them up. Then that's when the sewage was coming out of the sewer pipes," Reynolds said.

When the sewer can't pump through, the buildup forces its way through the top. Reynolds says the spill was only a limited amount, and that it is still safe to swim and fish in Medicine Creek.

"I've been through the water. I'm going through the state. I've got the Arbor Foundation coming in. The Fish and Wildlife [Department] people met with me today and assured me everything was good," Reynolds said.

Reynolds says he is going to do whatever it takes to get this situation under control.

"I'm going to get this town back in order the way it's supposed to be, and have a better place for people to come and enjoy themselves," Reynolds said.

Reynolds says they have filed multiple police reports and hope that whoever is causing this is caught soon. Until then, they have gone through a variety of measures to increase security at the pump shed.

The Department of Environmental Quality told Reynolds what needed to be done to clean the creek. As of noon Tuesday, officials with Medicine Park say the sewage has been cleaned out of Medicine Creek.