Oklahoma National Guard trains armed guardsmen

Oklahoma National Guard trains armed guardsmen

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla._In light of attacks on military personnel last month in Tennessee, Governor Mary Fallin authorized the arming of National Guardsmen and other military personnel at facilities across the state.

The Oklahoma National Guard is now making sure guardsmen are prepared by providing the proper training. They are offering guardsmen two-day sessions that include legal and hands-on training. First, they must obtain a handgun permit, and then they go through extensive training, much like law enforcement.

"What we decided to do is take them through some of the same training as law enforcement. Shoot-don't shoot scenarios and weapon retention, we thought was very important," said Lt. Col. Anthony Georgiades.

The training will continually be assessed and given quarterly to make sure all those who carry a service weapon maintain proficiency. Leaders with the National Guard say it's all done in an effort to keep guardsmen and civilian employees safe.

Fort Sill, and other military installations, is covered under federal regulations and guardsmen are not allowed to carry privately owned weapons. Any personnel with privately owned weapons must have their weapon registers on post and the weapon must be cleared and separated from ammunition before coming on post.

Law enforcement personnel or designated security augmentation at the gates are the only personnel authorized to carry weapons for security purposes on Fort Sill.