LPS urges parents to enroll in Pre-k

LPS urges parents to enroll in Pre-k

LAWTON, Okla._Parents, you still have time to enroll your child in a Pre-k program with Lawton Public Schools.

LPS has a lot of openings available for children to enroll in a Pre-k program before the school year starts. Beginnings Academy has 40 open slots for pre-schoolers, and parents can enroll after filling out an income-based application form. Playcare Smart Start is also open for enrollment, and parents can do so at their offices.

LPS is also working with the Wonder Years and Creative Moments programs to provide pre-school care for young students. LPS officials want every 4-year-old in the city to attend a Pre-k program, so they can be ready when they step into the school system.

"In Pre-k, we teach socialization. We teach procedures on how to be in school. This is children's first experience being in a program that's not a child care center or at home with their parents. They are getting a full day program that offers all these things, and they'll be so much more ready for kindergarten next year," said Rhonda Weber, principal.

Parents seeking information on a pre-school program can go to LPS's Pre-k collaboration website at lawtonps.org/schools/beginnings.