Lawton man arrested for possession of meth, assault

Lawton man arrested for possession of meth, assault

LAWTON, Okla._Police arrested a Lawton man for attacking his daughter after she found meth cooking in their home.

Police say while 57-year-old Larry McCallick was out of the home Tuesday evening, his daughter woke up to what she called a "strong odor coming from the kitchen," where she found a metal bowl with a boiling liquid in it. She said she first contacted other family members about it, who suspected it was meth.

One of them contacted McCallick and told them what they'd found. At that point, his daughter called police, fearing what might happen to her. She said McCallick rushed home and attacked her. She said he kicked the door off the frame, tried to punch her and then chased her out of the house.

Police confronted the man at Hop and Sack and searched his car. Nothing was found in the car and they drove to the home where McCallick was arrested for assault. When they searched him, they discovered that he had 8.9 grams of meth divided between two baggies under his scrotum.

McCallick was arrested for possession of meth and assault.