Cyclists prepare for Hotter 'N Hell Hundred

Cyclists prepare for Hotter 'N Hell Hundred

WICHITA FALLS, Texas_The Hotter 'N Hell Hundred is two weeks away and cyclists training for the event.

Cyclists are taking to the trails and roadways to get prepared for the endurance ride on Saturday, August 29.

"Quite often we ride on the road because the shoulders are dangerous for us," Paul Cook, spokesman for Bike Safety explained, "There's rocks, there's bottles, there's glass that breaks the tires."

Even with the precaution, accidents still happen. The Wichita Falls Police Department says there have been 13 bike-related accidents in the past year; two of them in the last two weeks.

Cook said those accidents could have been prevented if people took the extra time to watch the roads.

"It just takes that one second to make some decision about slowing down, moving over, getter around that obstacle, no matter what it is," Cook said.

Cook explained you should treat cyclists as if they were a car pulled over on the side of the road.

"You don't want to hit anybody, and they don't want to be hit," Cook said.

It's not just the drivers behind the wheels of a car that need to pay attention, cyclists have their part when it comes to safety. That's especially true if they are riding early in the morning or late at night when it's not as hot.

Cook suggests adding a taillight to your bike and a light on the handlebars to become more visible while riding in low-light situations. Cyclists should also wear bright, reflective clothing and always wear a helmet. You can also get helmets in bright colors to add to your attire and make you more noticeable.

It's also important to maintain your bike and make sure everything is working properly. Make sure your tires are properly inflated, the chains are in good conditions, the brakes work properly and that nothing is loose. Staying hydrated is also important. Don't forget to let someone know what route you're taking in case something does happen.

You can learn more about the Bike Safety group here. The Hotter 'N Hell Hundred kicks off the festivities on Thursday, August 27, and the race is the following Saturday. You can learn more about the history of HHH and the schedule of events here.