Church teaches kids about staying healthy

Church teaches kids about staying healthy

LAWTON, Okla._The United in Christ Discipleship International hosted its 2nd Annual Back to School Health Expo Saturday morning.

Kids had the opportunity to get books and supplies for school as well as haircuts, face paintings and even test their minds with an imagination set. The kids also learned valuable safety advice from the Lawton Fire Marshals.

Michael Collins is the bishop for the church and he said health is an important aspect of back to school that is often missed.

"Keep it moving, that's why we are giving away bikes today. That's why we have a lot of activities going on today. The kids will know, come out of the house, and quit looking at and playing video games. Get active because it's going to pay dividends down the road," Collins said.

Collins said they plan on hosting the event again next year, and are hoping to have more vendors participate in order to keep expanding their efforts.