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OU and OSU Continue Working ON and Off the field

While Oklahoma wrestles with their quarterback situation, Oklahoma State works to put final touches on their running back position. The name expected to make waves is Junior Rennie Childs. The Houston native continues to try and stand out among the rest of the Cowboys running corps and his efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Head Coach Mike Gundy says, "Rennie is always been more productive when he's fresh. And most players are that way, but Rennie more so right now. And he's had a good spring and he's had a good camp up to this point."

"Working on my path into the offensive line and making my reads and cuts and getting on the field. We have a great chemistry. We're like brothers. And, we just all enjoy this game," says Childs.

"Rennie stepped up a lot. He's been more on his shoulder a lot more making yards after the contact and just putting his head down and running like he would any other year. Like he was a starter or anything. He's just putting his head down and runs. I like that about him a lot," says Brandon Sheperd, OSU Senior Wide Receiver.

The Cowboys have plenty of room to grow when it comes to their rushing offense. OSU ranked 99th in the country in total rush yards with just over 136 per game.

In Norman, Head Coach Bob Stoops has been noticing something else with his team. From seniors to freshman, leadership and responsibility have been more prominent than past years. Stoops knows how that can impact a program, especially coming from your number one running back Samaje Perine.

"He's a great example of how hard he trains, he works and is always on time and never misses a thing. And always has enthusiasm, or something positive, to add to whatever drill we are doing. I think all these guys are doing a real good job leading. I thought they did through the spring and summer. I think, according to Coach Schmidt, I believe we had the finest summer he can ever remember as far as guys being consistent. Being on time. Working hard. We had a really good summer that way and that generally, cus the coaches aren't with them as much, is an indicator of the leadership."

Last season, OU ranked Top 25 in the nation in total offense and only 61st in total defense. After finishing fourth in the Big 12 last season, the Sooners are pegged third in the preseason conference rankings.
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