Tillman County sheriff named Sheriff of the Year

Tillman County sheriff named Sheriff of the Year

FREDERICK, Okla._The Tillman County sheriff has received quite an honor from the Oklahoma Sheriff's Association.

Sheriff Bobby Whittington was selected as Oklahoma's Sheriff of the Year at their annual banquet Friday night in Oklahoma City.

Sheriff Whittington says the honor came to him as a shock. He says he had a feeling something was up when he was told his family needed to be there, however he didn't know he was going to win the big award.

Since December 2005, Whittington has been the Tillman County sheriff. He says having received the Sheriff of the Year award, the recognition has left him in awe.

"There are a lot of good sheriffs in the state of Oklahoma. I was honored, I was shocked for a few seconds. It's hard to believe I actually won the Outstanding Sheriff Award. It's truly humbling," Sheriff Whittington said.

Sheriff Whittington says winning this award has shown him that he's doing something good and making a difference.

"I'm setting the standards and doing what the citizens of my county want me to do. The sheriff upholds the values and beliefs of his citizens, and I feel I'm doing a good job with that," Sheriff Whittington said.

Sheriff Whittington says he took an oath to protect and serve his community. He says he, along with his whole department, is dedicated to keeping his county safe.

"It's not an 8-4 job, it's 24/7 and people don't realize how much my deputies work," Sheriff Whittington said.

Whittington says, as sheriff, he has faced his share of challenges…one of the hardest being budgeting in his small department. But he says it does not compare to the feeling he gets by helping others.

"The most rewarding part is being able to solve a citizen's crime, to be able to get their property back or give them closure to a bad incident and hope they never experience it again," Sheriff Whittington said.

Sheriff Whittington also says he wants to focus on improving the department's efforts in getting narcotic drugs off the county streets.

Along with Sheriff Whittington's award, his deputy, Tim Duncan, was also recognized for his actions in saving a man's life who had tried to jump off a bridge in February.