Custom cowboy boots for wounded veterans

Custom cowboy boots for wounded veterans

WICHITA FALLS, Texas_Veterans who have injured their leg or have a prosthetic may get a chance to have boots custom made for them.

Tom Cartlidge has been in the boot business all his life and has a passion for the custom-fit and designed boots. Cartlidge, who served two years in Vietnam with the Marines, is using his passion to help soldiers in need. He works with non-profits that connects him with soldiers who need his help.

"He had his leg shattered by an IED in Afghanistan and he didn't lose his leg, but he has a leg brace on so we have to make the boot bigger to go over this leg brace," Cartlidge explained.

Whatever custom zipper or style, Cartlidge will make it for free. He says he always had respect for the wounded warriors, and that it is a great joy to help.

If you know of a veteran who has injuries that requires a special fit, man or woman, call Tom at 940-691-8102.