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2015 Cache Football Preview

After a 2-8 season in 2014, Cache brings back the bulk of their starters for their second year under head coach John Herbert. With that first season and just as importantly, a full offseason under their belt, the Bulldogs are light years ahead of where they were a year ago.

"It's been great for us to be around the kids as a staff for now winter, spring, and now summer and into the fall. The kids know us better. They know how we coach. Know what we expect,” Herbert said. “It's just the overall team and everybody's attitude and maturity and just their ability to come out and practice hard and get through things faster than we did last year. That's really been the impressive part, in how they've matured as a unit."

"I feel like now that we got a hold of everything and we're into the system, we're going to put it all together,” said senior Jalen Yackeyonny. “We always had the athletes, but we just didn't know how to use them. And with his system we should get it done pretty good."

The Bulldogs will begin the season on September 4that home against Iowa Park, TX.
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