Fletcher volunteer fire hosts successful fundraiser

Fletcher volunteer fire hosts successful fundraiser

FLETCHER, Okla._The Fletcher Volunteer Fire Department held a breakfast fundraiser Saturday morning in an attempt to raise money for modernizing some of their equipment.

People in and around Fletcher gathered at the community center to get their eggs, bacon and biscuits, but the only thing better than the food is the cause.

There is no question about it, most volunteer fire departments just do what they can to keep operations possible. For Fletcher, it's no different. Fletcher Fire Chief Daniel Lynch says money is extremely tight.

"We're needing it bad, all of our departments need it," Lynch said. Our equipment needs to be updated to stay in compliance with the NFBA. We have to do this, these small communities don't have the revenue like these large departments do."

This is the reason they are doing the fundraiser. Everyone loves a good meal to start the day, and how can you beat such a great spread? 65 dozen eggs, 62 pounds of sausage as well as bacon and about 60 cans of biscuits. Not to mention the three other trips to the store. The numbers help, but Lynch says he has always known how important this department is to the town.

"The community has really stepped up," Lynch said. "I've got a ton of new guys that have stepped up, it's just hard to explain. It's like starting a new department, and it's really gone well. The community has stood behind us no matter what we need."

Lynch said although this is a great start, the fight against money can't be won all at once. He said donations are always welcome.

"You can drop donations off at city hall anytime you want to, or one of our firemen, if you catch them, they can take it and drop it off at city hall," Lynch said. "We do a lot of controlled burns around here for the farmers and they have been good about donating money for us."

It's safe to say the fundraiser was a success for all who were involved. The fire department received $3,960 in donations Saturday alone. The Masonic Lodge agreed to match the donations up to $1,000, which brought the total to $4,960.