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2015 Anadarko Football Preview

The Anadarko Warriors understand how to win. This team has only lost three games in the last five seasons. However, they come into this year having graduated 18 seniors. With such an exodus of talent and experience, strengths must be developed. But one position that has not lost much experience is the offensive line, which this team will rely on to help new skill players.

"We're really going to lean on the offensive line this year. You know, we got four of the six guys back off last year and we're graduating 18 seniors from last year’s squad and you got a lot of holes to fill. But on the O-line, we're kind of back intact. We got some young skill players. Our tailback's a sophomore. We got a couple sophomore receivers and we're really going to lean on that o-line to cover that up and let everybody get good reps by the time we get to district play," explains Kent Jackson, Anadarko Head Coach.

Senior Nacho Gallegos has been pegged to lead the team at quarterback. Jackson feels Gallegos athleticism will help provide a new dynamic for the warriors.

"The last six years we've had two quarterbacks at Anadarko, so this is kind of a new experience for us. But...Nacho's our best athlete. One of the best athletes we've had at Anadarko in a long time and hopefully that'll, you know, kind of elevate is quarterback game. We're working on his passing, he's a heck of a runner. You know, we're just trying to find his strengths and make him comfortable in the offense,” says Jackson.

Nacho Gallegos says, "I started at outside backer, so I'm comfortable with playing. It's just, I got a lot to feel because Pollard was a good quarterback. So I got to come in and do a great job like him."

Anadarko will start their season September 4th at Chickasha.

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