Former OU SAE cook gets job at another fraternity

Former OU SAE cook gets job at another fraternity

NORMAN, Okla._After a video last spring showing Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity's racist chant forced them off OU's campus, it also forced their kitchen staff to lose their jobs.

You may remember the fraternity's beloved cook, Howard Dixon, lost his job when the SAE house closed in March. But now he is back cooking for college kids again.

"Accidents happen and that was an unfortunate accident," said Dixon. "But fortunately the good lord got me another spot."

Members of the Kappa Sigma fraternity reached out to Dixon over the summer to offer him a job working in their kitchen, and Dixon said yes. Kappa Sigma president Zachary Haley says Dixon really takes the time to get to know each member, and says it is great to have someone so positive in their house every day.

"Having Howard stay part of the Greek community is what we need to do to be able to move forward as a Greek system here at OU," said Haley.

Dixon did not take this job without thinking of others. He brought aboard another former SAE kitchen employee with him to Kappa Sigma.