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2015 Mangum Football Preview

Mangum has hit a tough stretch in recent years. They've managed to win just six games the last three seasons combined. Mike Wendt takes over the reins of the Tiger program in 2015. Wendt is very familiar with the way things work in Mangum. He's been an assistant coach there for over 20 years.

"They know what I expect out of them from the past, being an assistant and...what kind of work ethic I like and the things we do on and off the field. I believe that's kind of been the key to us picking up and taking off from where we were last year," said Wendt.

"He knows our strengths and our weaknesses since he's watch us grow up,” said Christian Ochoa, Senior Right Guard/Defensive Tackle. “All of us basically lived here almost our whole life and he knows what we best play at and what our weaknesses are and our strengths and he just capitalizes on those strengths and puts us where we need to be."

Even though he's been on staff... Wendt knows there is a need for some changes... So he is tinkering with a few new looks on the defensive side of the ball.

"Well basically we're running the same offense as we did last year. You know, Coach Mazey came in and he put the spread in, which we've never run here in Mangum. And the kids really bought in to it, so I thought we would just pick up from there and carry that,” said Wendt. “Now defensively we've changed. We're kind of running a 50 series...defense, and we kind of like it a little better than we did last year."

Mangum will open the season at home. They'll square off against Hobart on September 4th.

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