Arrested: Duncan man accused of attacking girlfriend

Arrested: Duncan man accused of attacking girlfriend

DUNCAN, Okla._A Duncan man is now in custody after authorities say he beat and threatened to kill his girlfriend.

Stephens County sheriff's deputies arrested 29-year-old James Trent Canfield Friday afternoon. According to court documents, Canfield showed up at his girlfriend's mom's house and demanded she drive him back to his home in her car. During the drive, Canfield punched her twice in the face.

When they arrived, she says he further assaulted her, tried to choke her twice and held a knife to her throat. The affidavit also states Canfield threatened to kill her. He then forced her to get back in her car naked.

When he allowed her to stop the car to put some clothing back on, she broke away and got a ride back to her mother's house. Authorities say she had multiple bruises, including bruising and wounds from past beatings.

Canfield's bond was set at $10,000.