Three-car accident sends six to hospital

Three-car accident sends six to hospital

LAWTON, Okla._A three-car wreck closed much of the intersection of Northeast Cache Road and Flower Mound Road Saturday afternoon.

Police say six people were injured and transferred to the hospital, but we're told none of those injuries are life threatening. A hazmat team was also called to the scene to clean up gasoline that spilled into the roadway. Lieutenant Donnie Hanson says driving takes 100-percent of the driver's attention and it's important to remain patient.

"A few minutes of delay for traffic, semi, heavy, is going to save you in the long run. Just take your time. People get in a hurry and this is a result of it," Hanson said.

The roadway was eventually able to be cleared so traffic could resume as normal.

The cause of the wreck is still under investigation.