2 Lawton officers go above and beyond for family in need

2 Lawton officers go above and beyond for family in need

LAWTON, Okla._Two Lawton police officers were investigating a call when they came across a boy who needed their help.

Sergeant Greg Ellis and Sergeant Loui Pohawpatchoko were dispatched to Northwest 15th Street and Andrews Avenue on August 24 in reference to a shot fired call. While they were investigating, Sgt. Pohawpatchoko says they came across a young man standing behind a tree. They asked why he wasn't in school and the young man told the officers it was because he didn't have a school uniform to wear.

The two officers spoke to the child's father, a single parent of five, and learned he was down on hard times and was having difficulties providing uniforms for his children.

"Sgt. Ellis has a son that wore school uniforms last year and he had recently grown out them, so he was fortunate enough to provide one of the children in this family with these uniforms," Sgt. Pohawpatchoko explained.

The other children were still in need, so the two sergeants went to Wal-Mart and purchased additional uniforms for the other children.

"The looks on the faces of these children was mesmerizing, and to see the joy in each of them, knowing that they now had uniforms to wear and attend school, just made our day," Sgt. Ellis said.

Sergeants Ellis and Pohawpatchoko were able to provide about 12 sets of uniforms for the family.

This isn't the first time they've been able to help someone in need. They say they've come across families in need and have provided groceries and even put one family up in a motel when they were stranded in town.

"I noticed a homeless man that was standing in the cold rain outside a local fast food place. I took him inside and bought him a warm meal, we sat and talked about the good things in life. I will never forget where I came from as a young Native American raised in a one bedroom shack we called home. Thank you Mom and Dad for making me who I am," Sgt. Pohawpatchoko said.

However, they're both quick to point out that they aren't the only ones at the Lawton Police Department who help out those in need.

"I can name a few other officers that have helped families or individuals out on different occasions, such as providing homeless people with clothing items and blankets during winter time," they both said. "So I can honestly say that not if, but when I do come into contact with someone or a family, who is down on hard times, I will be more than willing to help them out in any way I can."

As officers, they say they're constantly spoke of in a negative way and they are not only concerned about their own safety, but also have to deal with being ridiculed by the public for doing their job.

The sergeants went on to explain they don't do it to gain fame or attention, but it's in their hearts and God wants them to do.

"Society has to understand that yes we wear badges, however we are humans that have feelings and care for others," Sgt. Ellis said.

Sergeant Ellis has been with the Lawton Police Department for 18 years and Sgt. Pohawpatchoko is going on 18 years.