A Child Who Hopes: Noah

A Child Who Hopes: Noah

LAWTON, Okla._You have the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a very special little boy who has been patiently waiting for a loving family to adopt him.

Nine-year-old Noah is non-verbal, but he clearly understands the language of love. The big smile on his face shows just how excited he is to have the Sam Noble Museum all to himself. Underneath the dim lights, his sweet personality really begins to shine as he takes in one exhibit after another. Watching him, you get the sense that he's fully aware of what's going on.

Noah has cerebral palsy, but despite his physical limitations, child welfare specialist Teya Gray says he has a lot of love to offer.

"He's just a very lovable kid. Anybody can get along with him. He loves to interact, even though he can't communicate verbally," Gray explained.

Gray says Noah does have ways of expressing excitement and is learning to communicate by using his feet to point at objects. His ideal family would be dedicated to his long-term care. And it wouldn't hurt if they had other children.

"He loves little kids. He loves to be around little kids and watching them play and have fun," Gray said.

As for Noah, fun is playing outside in the water or enjoying free time out of his wheelchair.

Gray invites anyone who wants to make him part of the family to come out and meet him.

"Come hang out with him and spend some time with him, and you'll see just how lovable he is and how easy-going. I think that he can find a place in anybody's heart," Gray said.

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