Surveillance camera catches attempted car burglary

Surveillance camera catches attempted car burglary

DUNCAN, Okla._Duncan police hope surveillance video from a home security camera will help them crack a car burglary ring.

Footage from early Monday morning at a home on South 10th Street in Duncan shows a man walking up to a truck and pulling the handle to see if it's unlocked. Once the security light comes on, and he realizes he can't get inside the truck, he takes off. Even though nothing was taken in this incident, police say several other people in the area haven't been as lucky, but this may be the break they're looking for.

The homeowner says this was the second time the burglars have targeted him. The first incident happened in May, and his camera captured that one too.

Robert Rightmire said he was at home the first time and was alerted to some activity outside. He checked the monitor and saw someone get inside of his truck.

"I was in a little bit of disbelief. I could barely tell someone was there, but the fact he wanted to get in there, just disbelief," Rightmire said.

Rightmire says he rushed outside and the burglar took off, but not before he had grabbed a cup of loose change from the front seat. Fast forward to this week when Rightmire reviewed video from Monday night, he saw someone trying to get in again.

"I have a lot of traffic through my alley, foot traffic and I keep an eye on people when they come down, but it was like oh my gosh, he's trying to actually get in, but I was confident because it was locked," Rightmire said.

Duncan Police Lieutenant John Byers says they're getting as many as 10 car burglary reports a week this summer. Byers says the car burglars are targeting unlocked cars and getting in and taking anything they can.

"It's a very serious deal, people are losing their livelihood. They don't feel secure in their vehicle at their home. They are losing property, which basically increases our crime rate," Lt. Byers said.

The burglars are hitting all parts of the city, taking guns, tools and equipment. But in some cases, the stolen items are found just a few doors down. That fact, combined with the presumption that the burglars approach their targets on foot, leads police to believe they are juveniles. He says police are working to catch those involved by increasing patrol in residential neighborhoods, but they can't do it alone.

"We've got a limited set of eyes that can be out there and look, if you live in a neighborhood that you know has had multiple cars broken into, if you can team up and watch, if anybody is out place just call in. That would help us more than anything," Lt. Byers said.

"Just lock the doors. Like I said, I was never really big on it, but my wife really beat it into me, so now she insists we lock the cars," Rightmire said.

Lieutenant Byers says while solving these car burglaries will take some time, with everyone's help he believes it can be done. He says if anyone recognizes the man in the security video, give Duncan police a call.