Special guest at Frederick's opening game

Special guest at Frederick's opening game

FREDERICK, Okla._It was a special night at the Bomber Bowl on Friday, for more than just the opening game of this season.

Oklahoma Highway Patrolman Gary Sanders, who was seriously hurt in a crash during a traffic stop back in March, helped escort the Frederick High School Football Team from the field house to the stadium, before also giving a pre-game pep talk in the locker room. It's a longtime tradition, at Frederick, which is Sanders' hometown. He said he was honored, and grateful to be part of it again.

"Before my accident, I was up here when I worked my evening shift, I was part of this escort system for almost 30 years. So, for me to be back into it in this small manner, it's a privilege. I still have a shoulder surgery that I've got to go through in October or November, but I'm trying to stay fit," Sanders said.

Sanders was hurt when a pickup slammed into his patrol car as he sat in it during a traffic stop.

He spent several weeks in the hospital before returning home in May.