Ambulance crashes into restaurant

Ambulance crashes into restaurant

COMANCHE, Okla._An accident involving an ambulance and a pickup caused destruction in downtown Comanche Friday night.

It happened around 9:30pm, when a Waurika Ambulance was Westbound on Oak Main Avenue and collided with a red Avalanche pickup truck near Rodeo Drive. Both crashed into the stop light pole ripping it from the ground. Then both vehicles hit the side of an R and C's Rib Shack. One of the 7 witnesses who was inside the restaurant at the time of the crash was Mandi Fugett. She was eating a late dinner with her husband and 11-year-old son. She says she saw the ambulance coming and just a split second later it crashed.

"All the sudden it was just a crash and a loud bang and when it hit the wall we felt stuff flying," said Fugett.

When the ambulance hit the building cement and other materials came flying inside. Fugett says that is when she ran to take cover, because she thought it might go through the wall.

"Ran towards this wall, because everything was coming this way and I grabbed the table. I was going to hide myself underneath there," said Fugett.

Fugett says the first thing she did was make sure her son was alright, before she ran outside to help. She and a local volunteer firefighter, who was also inside the restaurant were the first to run outside.

"Cody had went to the ambulance and I went to the pickup and was checking on them letting them know that people were on their way," she said.

Just a day after the accident things look a lot different. The crash completely knocked down the stop light pole and all that is left behind are lights shattered on the ground. The crash caused extensive damage to the restaurant's foundation. It even took out the restaurant's marquee sign that held its daily specials.

Fugett says she believes if the ambulance hadn't hit the pole, before it crashed into the wall of restaurant, more people could have been injured.

"I'm glad they made these buildings strong back in the day, but it's not as bad as it could have been. It could have been a lot worse so I thank God that it wasn't any worse than what it was and that everyone is okay today," she said.

No information has been released about condition of those involved in the crash. The restaurant owner says she believes they will have to replace the wall.