Owners unsure about restaurant's future following crash

Owners unsure about restaurant's future following crash

COMANCHE, Okla._The owners of a restaurant that was badly damaged when an ambulance and a pickup slammed into the building are worried they may have to close the doors for good.

The Friday night wreck in the town of Comanche happened while the ambulance was on a service call. It collided with a pickup at the intersection of Main and Rodeo Drive, then both vehicles hit the R and C Rib Shack restaurant.

Even though they opened for business over the weekend, the owners say new cracks are beginning to show along the wall that the ambulance hit. Now, they're waiting for a damage report from their insurance adjuster, and crossing their fingers that it won't be too severe.

For the last 15 years—from natural disasters, losing loved ones and losing all they own—it has just been one loss after the other for the Berzas.

Lisa Berzas and her family lived in Louisiana. There they were running a Cajun restaurant until Hurricane Rita took that along with the rest of their livelihood.

"Rita happened, and tore up everything we had there, our form of living," Berzas said.

After Hurricane Rita, Berzas and her husband decided they wanted a fresh start on life, so they moved.

"When we found Oklahoma, when we came to Oklahoma, we found peace again," she said.

A peace that was again shattered soon after; Berzas' two-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter died of a brain tumor. While caring for her, Berzas was forced to close the restaurant they had opened in Meridian.  And now, the aftermath of Friday's crash has them worried they are facing another life-changing event.

"We will lose everything that we have, our homes. We are quite unsure. It shakes me up to think that we lost everything in one state, and now because of once incident, we may lose everything we have here that we've built for the last five years," Berzas said.

But during the hard times, Berzas says the family still finds strength to make it through.

"We believe in what we do and we believe in where we are at, so that is how we put our foot forward every day. And we know that our family is in a better place because we are here," Berzas said.

While preparing for Tuesday's business and preparing for what could come, Berzas says they will still find a way to make it.

"If it is possible, we will do it, because my kids and my grandkids deserve this," Berzas said.

Berzas says they are hoping the insurance company will be out by Wednesday to assess the damage, and give them a better sense of what lies ahead.

The owners are also looking into ways to keep their business open, such as a food truck, in case they are forced to close. As for the conditions of those who were involved in the wreck, Comanche police have still not released that information. .