Families celebrate Labor Day at lake

Families celebrate Labor Day at lake

LAWTON, Okla._Monday wrapped up the long Labor Day weekend, and thousands chose to spend their day off with family and friends at area lakes.

The Rodriguez family was part of that group. They traveled from Oklahoma City to spend the holiday at Lake Lawtonka; braving today's hundred-degree temperatures to cook-out and go for a swim.

While the leisure time is nice, it's the quality time spent with family that's valued most by the Rodriguez'.

Alex Rodriguez said his family tries to get together as often as possible.

"Family is the most important thing that I know," Rodriguez said.

So the Labor Day holiday was the perfect excuse for a day at the lake, and he said Lake Lawtonka is one of their favorite spots to go.

"[It's] not too far from where we stay at, so we like this [area]. The water is nice."

Rodriguez said they braved the sun.

"I used sunscreen earlier, but by the time I get home, I think I'm going to be pretty red."

And the scorching heat.

"We've got a lot of water."

But said those variables didn't affect their fun.

"Probably play a little bit of soccer, maybe a little bit of board games, card games."

Rodriguez said like many families who work hard, the Labor Day holiday is something he looks forward to, but knowing his time off will be spent with family is what he cherishes most.

"No one has my back like my family does. I trust my family more than I trust anyone else, so I'd rather spend my free time with my family."

Rodriguez said they don't make it to the lake for every Labor Day, but chose it as their destination this year to get one last family day on the water before Fall.