LPS staff receives pay raise

LPS staff receives pay raise

LAWTON, Okla._Lawton Public Schools is making changes that will increase teacher and staff pay.

Superintendent Dr. Tom Deighan says the changes come from the district's plan to make up for a three-year period in which all the regular pay increases were suspended. Deighan says teachers will see an increase in pay of about $200 annually.

For beginning teachers, the pay hike will be spread out over their monthly paychecks. Teachers who have been with the district for more than three years, will get it in one lump sum. Deighan says while it's a small gesture, it's the districts way of showing they're working to give their teachers more.

"Anything we can do to affirm our teaching staff, support staff, our educators that they are important and valuable, not only to the state and the nation, but in Lawton-Fort Sill. I think that is something we have to do," Deighan said.

Deighan says they wanted to ensure everyone was reaping some benefit. Hourly employees, including school cooks and custodians, will also see an additional eight-cent an hour increase in pay.