Medicine Park still safe while police chief on leave

Medicine Park still safe while police chief on leave

MEDICINE PARK, Okla._A decision in Medicine Park to place their police chief on administrative leave stems from allegations brought against him.

Medicine Park Mayor Charles Callich says the decision was made in last week's Town Hall meeting after an allegation was made against Chief Tom Adrahtas. He's now on paid leave while the allegation is investigated. However, the city is not elaborating on the nature of the allegation.

In the meantime, the mayor says they've made adjustments to ensure the city is being protected in the absence of their chief. In order to cover the chief's shifts while he is on leave, the department extended the hours of its two full-time officers and two reserve officers.

Mayor Callich is remaining tight-lipped about the investigation, but says residents should be confident that the city wants to get to the bottom of it.

"We are doing the best we can to make sure that all the employees of Medicine Park are safe and able to work in a safe environment. So, when an allegation like the one that you know about, it's our part to make sure that we follow through with it," Mayor Callich said.

Mayor Callich say there was no police report filed against Chief Adrahtas and that is why they hired someone to do an internal investigation.

"Margaret Love, out of Oklahoma City, is doing it. She's taken the role as the investigator that is coming in to do the interviews, and she will determine or give us a report at the end," Mayor Callich said.

Mayor Callich says investigator Love was recommended by one of the town attorneys.

"She's been doing it for 30 years and is involved in over 100 cities, so we just needed an outside independent source that wasn't biased to either side to come in and do a good look to either exonerate or produce otherwise," Mayor Callich said.

Mayor Callich says he wants citizens to know that officers are still out on the streets.

"Medicine Park is still being covered. We still have assistance through Comanche County, the tribe and OHP. So, we're still a safe community and there are no issues as far as law enforcement goes," Mayor Callich said.

Mayor Callich says the investigator has been given all the information and the investigation is expected to wrap up in about a week.

Assistant Chief Lee Linch has taken over the duties as the police chief until the investigation is concluded.